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how it works

Established in 2017, the Charity Digital Skills Report is the annual barometer of digital skills, attitudes and support needs across the sector. Don’t be fooled by our name! This survey is relevant to all UK based charity, non-profit and social sector organisations. You might be a staff member, CEO, trustee or volunteer. Anyone can complete the survey, even if digital is not your area of expertise.

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The survey

We include a range of questions about your overall organisational priorities, barriers and funding needs, as well as specific digital skills and challenges. All the questions are optional, you don’t need to be an expert (although you might be!) and you don’t need to complete them all.

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The report

We will publish all our results here by July 2024 and share these widely. You can opt in to join our mailing list and be notified about our work. We will advocate for change based on what we find amongst those providing funding and support.

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The findings

Everything you have told us via the surveys has year on year helped us track how charities are evolving, as well as gathering insights into areas that are critical success factors for digital progress, such as understanding users, leadership and governance and strategy.

key findings

Last year, 504 charity professionals took the time to tell us how they’re using digital, what’s changed for them over the last year and how they think digital can help them on the road to recovery. Read the full 2023 report here.


of charities say the cost of living crisis is a significant challenge to how they are using digital


of charities are interested in making use of emerging tech such as AI and ChatGPT


of charities now have a hybrid working model (remote and office based)


of charities have a strategic approach to digital


of charities say digital is more of a priority to their organisation


of charities urgently need funds for devices, software and infrastructure


of charities say reaching and meeting the needs of diverse users has become a priority


 of charities want their leaders to provide a clear vision of what digital could help them achieve


of trustees have digital skills that are either low or have room for improvement


of charities want to use data and insights to improve their services or operations

Why take part?

Year on year we redevelop the survey extensively to capture a true snapshot of the sector and discover where it needs help with digital in order to maximise its impact. By taking part, you can begin to analyse your use of digital and how it has changed over the last year, so that you can benchmark your organisation.

  • Discover where your charity needs help with digital to maximise its impact

    Consider how you can use technology to make your charity’s operations more efficient. And use our data to gain insight into your charity’s success.

  • Benchmark your organisations digital progress against the sector

    Understand the impact of technologies on the digital landscape and evaluate how others within the sector are using them and how they could be used to benefit your organisation. 

  • Measure your skills gaps and what is needed to grow digital knowledge and confidence

    There are many free resources and tutorials available online to help you improve the digital skills within your organisation, many are shared at the end of our survey.

Sector response

Find out what leaders think of the survey and what our reports mean for the charity sector.